Valletta view from Sliema, ocean pool with a view

Holidays in Malta: photographs from an island in the sun

Malta is a small, yet very densley popluated island in the Mediterranean Sea, located south of Sicily and east of Tunisia. Due to its varied history, Malta is a true melting pot with a unique culture. Arabic structures, British customs, southern European weather and the second official language “Maltese” will sometimes make you wonder where you actually are. With its turqoise water and colorful architecture Malta surely is a Photorgapher’s (and Videographer’s) paradise.

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A girl on a bouldering wall

3 reasons why bouldering makes me happy

Bouldering is climbing without the use of ropes or harnesses and limited in height to about 5 meters. The number of people making their way up colorful holds on climbing walls is steadily rising. Excersicing surely is good for your body. But why does bouldering cause happiness and which life lessons can you learn?

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mountains and humbleness

The mountains make us humble: what I learned on a 3-day hike

Living our busy everyday life in a highly developed and technological world we often fail to appreciate the little things in life. Spending time in nature can help us disconnect and reconnect. Last summer I spend three days hiking up and down Germany’s highest mountain: the Zugspitze. With two friends and a backpack I almost made it to the top at 2,962 m (9,718 ft). The climb was fun but what really sticks are the lessons in humbleness and a renewed look at things we often take for granted. Here is what I learned:
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